Think Green; Be Eco-Friendly.


We are green at Villa Ragazza Belize!


Living green is something that many people practice in their daily lives without even knowing it.  It is only part of a lifestyle when the lifestyle is  extended when traveling, then we are responsible.


Due to Belize being a major travel destination, resorts in Belize have been working to find ways to comply with, and accommodate eco-friendly and green tourism for eco-conscious visitors over the past few years.


Villa Ragazza Belize has done everything from Eco-Friendly water saving,  dual flush toilets, using LED lights as well as  energy efficient light bulbs throughout the villa.  Additionally, photocells have been used in exterior common areas to control the use of electricity, solar lights illuminating the dock, energy efficient appliances, rainwater fostering, and more! The responsible use of our natural resources are of the encumbrance of us all.  We actively exhibit that a green vacation is better than a gray one!  

La Isla Bonita

3 1/2 Miles South San Pedro


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